Everyone should have good financial advice. Investing can be confusing, and everyone can benefit from the opinion of an advisor. I am an independent financial advisor and have affiliations with many globally recognized and respected financial companies. This gives us the ability to choose the solution that is best for you, rather than being limited to what any one institution has to offer.

Your financial situation and planning needs are unique to you. That’s why our suite of investment options are designed to give you choices when it comes to meeting your individual investment and retirement goals.

Investment options available through us:

Robo-investing through WealthBar
  • Professionally managed and monitored portfolios with automatic rebalancing
  • Fees up to 60% less than traditional mutual funds
  • Online access and convenient app so you can check your portfolio 24/7
Segregated Funds and Annuities through all major insurers
  • Maturity and death benefit guarantees
  • Lifetime income options
  • Estate planning benefits and potential creditor protection
Referral arrangement with Newport Private Wealth
  • Discretionary money management for executives and multi- generational family enterprises
  • Access to preferred investments and alternate asset classes
  • Exceptional diversification through 10 asset categories and less dependence on market returns

Each of these alternatives has a track record of preserving capital in volatile markets and providing risk-based diversification. Our process is to sit down with you to understand your full financial picture, and then to help you assess what combination works best for you.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation review of your situation. We can build a financial plan, and to get started on a solution tailored for you.