First time home buyer! Extra money in your pocket

Did you claim your $5000 on line 369 on your Tax Return?
If not you might be missing out on some FREE money!!

Attention First Time Home Buyers of 2013!

The money you could be claiming is not the awesome RRSP first time home buyer program that you probably already used, that program is for using federal government money to buy a home and if you would like more details visit our page on

This is another great opportunity for the first time home buyers in Canada. Watch this short video (created by the federal government) to fully understand if you qualify and what to do. If you already filed your tax return you might just want to amend it. Why not take advantage of all the benefits the government provides to first time home owners in Calgary and all across Canada?

We all like to SAVE money and receive FREE money!
If you know anybody who might be eligible for this make sure you alert them.



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