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Nov 23

Are there hidden fees when dealing with a mortgage broker?

Are there hidden fees when dealing with a mortgage broker? I come across this question every now and then…as a matter of fact I ran into somebody the other day who was refused a mortgage by the banks and when inquiring about going through a mortgage broker he was told by a “friend” that mortgage …

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Nov 08

Consulting a Calgary Mortgage Broker Simplifies the Buying Equation for You


First time home buyers fret over getting a mortgage loan. The loan mortgage process is full of jargon, and a first time home buyer may find it overwhelming to process all the information on procedures. Finding a competent Calgary mortgage broker is somewhat like picking out a needle in the haystack; your broker will have …

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Nov 16

Is now the time to buy in Calgary?

So I had a very interesting conversation this morning with my colleagues.  As the conversation usually goes, there was a lot of talk about the economy, politics, interest rates, and the usual stuff where we try and figure out where this crazy world and our industry is heading. The conversation eventually headed to a point …

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