When does it make sense to consolidate debt?

We all have debt, some of it is good debt and some is not so good debt. Either way debt can sometime stop us from doing what we really want or need to do and the debt bad or good will always need to be paid back.

Paying off debt can sometimes be all consuming especially when it’s the bad kind with the high interest rates and low minimum payment kind. Credit card debt for example has been rising at an increasing pace for the last decade.

Why pay as high as 18{435763c83784f7362adf16aec6a4ffa3ed39c2c51e047e7cc3b29dbab8d1e357} or even greater when the same debt can be paid off with a rate as low as 2.99{435763c83784f7362adf16aec6a4ffa3ed39c2c51e047e7cc3b29dbab8d1e357} for 3 years or even a 5 year rate for as low as 3.29{435763c83784f7362adf16aec6a4ffa3ed39c2c51e047e7cc3b29dbab8d1e357}. Just think how much faster you could rid yourself of the bad debt if your interest rate was 14{435763c83784f7362adf16aec6a4ffa3ed39c2c51e047e7cc3b29dbab8d1e357} to 15{435763c83784f7362adf16aec6a4ffa3ed39c2c51e047e7cc3b29dbab8d1e357} less.

I can help you get rid of the high interest debt once and for all and show you how to be debt free years sooner and start doing the things you really want to do.

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