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Mar 24

The best mortgage rates in Alberta

low mortgage rates Alberta

Ever wonder how to get the best mortgage rates in Alberta? Basically how mortgage brokerages work is that we have access to most of the major banks as well as a lot of smaller lenders that only brokers have access to and we are basically a wholesaler of mortgage rates. That means that all the …

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Feb 04

No down payment mortgage

no down payment mortgage in Calgary

Zero Down Payment Mortgage or No Down Payment Mortgage in Calgary Is there such a thing as zero down payment when you buy a house? Here is Dave’s answer: A little history It’s actually a great question, and it was actually very, very common back in 2007. They were doing a lot of zero down …

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Jul 14

Using Your RRSPs To Buy Your First Home

Using Your RRSPs To Buy Your First Home You might or might not know that you can use your RRSP savings to buy your first home in Calgary or anywhere else in Canada. We start buying RRSPs to save on taxes and to save for our retirement. But most of us don’t think of using …

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