The best mortgage rates in Alberta

Ever wonder how to get the best mortgage rates in Alberta?

Basically how mortgage brokerages work is that we have access to most of the major banks as well as a lot of smaller lenders that only brokers have access to and we are basically a wholesaler of mortgage rates. That means that all the lenders come to us, mortgage brokers competing for our business.

You can watch the video on how to get the best mortgage rates

low mortgage rates Alberta

Because we do a significant amount of volume they give us what they call “wholesale rates” which are deep discounted rates, we just pass that along right to the consumer which allows you to get a very good rate, as well as, inserting a mortgage professional between yourself and the lender, so you are going to get our advice and our service.

The cool thing about us is that it doesn’t cost you anything, so we are going to get you a better mortgage rate, saving you money with a service that is absolutely free to you and you will end up with one of the best mortgage rates in Alberta.

Here to help you get the best mortgage for you,

Dave Alberda,

Calgary mortgage broker

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