Looking for a Mortgage Broker in Calgary? – few things to consider

So you are looking for a mortgage broker in Calgary?

Dave Alberda from Ultimate Mortgage Partners elaborates.

Certainly not all mortgage brokers are alike and what sets me apart a little bit is that I do have 20 years of experience in financial services, I decided to specialize in mortgages about 5 years ago in 2009 and I opened Ultimate Mortgage Partners in August of 2012.

I also have what’s called an AMP designation or an AMP which is an Accredited Mortgage Professional, essentially what that means is that I’ve taken an additional education through one of our associations, which I have to maintain on a yearly basis and they hold me to a stricter code of ethics and standards, but what really sets me apart from others is my commitment to customer service.

Certainly the feedback that I get from a lot of my clients is that I do respond promptly and they get their questions answered very quickly. So my commitment to that is usually a 2 hour turnaround time, I usually respond quicker than that, but normal is within 2 hours that I return phone calls, return emails and text messages. I can be contacted in many different ways.

And one of the other big things that I pride myself on is meeting deadlines, so I don’t ask for extensions very often so if you’re in a situation where you are purchasing a home and they have a deadline on there for  financing condition, it’s very rare that I have to ask for extensions unless there is extenuating circumstances, that also goes for the closing dates.

We have always closed our mortgages on time. So that’s, I think, a big thing that would set me apart from other mortgage brokers.

What allows me to do this though, is that I do have a dedicated team of professionals that help me work on my files that free up some of my time to make sure that I get to everything in a timely manner.

So if you are looking for a mortgage broker in Calgary I do invite you to contact me at any time.


Dave Alberda,


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