Tips on paying off your mortgage fast

Are you looking for the fastest way to pay off your mortgage?

There are several ways of accomplishing that.

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The most basic and simple ways are:

  • By changing your mortgage payment frequencies from a monthly payment to a bi-weekly payment, or even an accelerated bi-weekly payment, or just simply increasing your payment. Most of the lenders offer a prepayment privilege where you can increase your payment.

There are also more advanced strategies out there.

  • Another way of paying off your mortgage fast would be called the Smith Maneuver; you can look around for that on my website, there is a tab there called Smith Maneuver and it gives a very basic explanation of that particular strategy. Within that strategy there are a bunch of different variations that I have used in the past to make it either more aggressive or less aggressive, based on my clients risk tolerances, but certainly there are many different ways to pay of your mortgage a lot quicker.

If it’s something you would like to know more about feel free to contact me at anytime.

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