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Jul 14

First time home buyer! Extra money in your pocket

First time home buyer! Extra money in your pocket Did you claim your $5000 on line 369 on your Tax Return? If not you might be missing out on some FREE money!! Attention First Time Home Buyers of 2013! The money you could be claiming is not the awesome RRSP first time home buyer program …

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Apr 02

What Would My Mortgage Payment Be

So you are trying to figure out what your mortgage payment might be?  I can tell you that there is many different factors that go into calculating a mortgage payment. You can certainly go into any mortgage calculator that you might find online and you can get a basic mortgage payment by figuring it out …

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Mar 14

Tips on paying off your mortgage fast

Are you looking for the fastest way to pay off your mortgage? There are several ways of accomplishing that. Watch the video on this subject The most basic and simple ways are: By changing your mortgage payment frequencies from a monthly payment to a bi-weekly payment, or even an accelerated bi-weekly payment, or just simply …

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Mar 05

Mortgage Rates

Contact: Dave Alberta, AMP, Mortgage Broker-Managing Partner, Dynamic Mortgage Solutions, Phone: (403) 803-4675, Email:  dave@umpro.ca

Mar 03

Looking for a Mortgage Broker in Calgary? – few things to consider

So you are looking for a mortgage broker in Calgary? Dave Alberda from Ultimate Mortgage Partners elaborates. Certainly not all mortgage brokers are alike and what sets me apart a little bit is that I do have 20 years of experience in financial services, I decided to specialize in mortgages about 5 years ago in …

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Feb 04

No down payment mortgage

no down payment mortgage in Calgary

Zero Down Payment Mortgage or No Down Payment Mortgage in Calgary Is there such a thing as zero down payment when you buy a house? Here is Dave’s answer: A little history It’s actually a great question, and it was actually very, very common back in 2007. They were doing a lot of zero down …

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Nov 23

Are there hidden fees when dealing with a mortgage broker?

Are there hidden fees when dealing with a mortgage broker? I come across this question every now and then…as a matter of fact I ran into somebody the other day who was refused a mortgage by the banks and when inquiring about going through a mortgage broker he was told by a “friend” that mortgage …

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Nov 08

Consulting a Calgary Mortgage Broker Simplifies the Buying Equation for You


First time home buyers fret over getting a mortgage loan. The loan mortgage process is full of jargon, and a first time home buyer may find it overwhelming to process all the information on procedures. Finding a competent Calgary mortgage broker is somewhat like picking out a needle in the haystack; your broker will have …

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Jul 14

Using Your RRSPs To Buy Your First Home

Using Your RRSPs To Buy Your First Home You might or might not know that you can use your RRSP savings to buy your first home in Calgary or anywhere else in Canada. We start buying RRSPs to save on taxes and to save for our retirement. But most of us don’t think of using …

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Nov 16

Is now the time to buy in Calgary?

So I had a very interesting conversation this morning with my colleagues.  As the conversation usually goes, there was a lot of talk about the economy, politics, interest rates, and the usual stuff where we try and figure out where this crazy world and our industry is heading. The conversation eventually headed to a point …

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